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A kayak ready for another day of exploring on Ellesmere Island.

Arctic Crucible: A Tale of Two Leaders

A kayak ready for another day of exploring on Ellesmere Island.

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The team!

This hour-long feature film follows the journey of six adventurers along the coast of Ellesmere Island, one of the closest points on Earth to the North Pole. It’s a harsh and bitter climate, lashed by violent storms and chilling darkness. In 1881, Lt. Adolphus W. Greely lead an scientific expedition to this remote and treacherous land. Here they were abandoned by the U.S. government and 19 of Greely’s 24 men died. The modern expedition presented in the film is Greely’s great great grandson’s tribute to his relative. Along the way, they encounter tremendous hardship and danger. The film gives a unique perspective on the adventure and history of Greely’s historic and almost forgotten journey.

The film chronicles the modern expedition from the firsthand prospective of one of the crew members. After facing a near death experience, the crew is forced to overcome challenges they never expected. Their journey reveals the perils of arctic travel and tributes Greely’s struggle.

Using aerial and primary footage interwoven with historical photos and evidence of Greely’s journey, the film captures the incredible spectacle of the arctic. It shares the challenges leaders face when traveling in extreme conditions and the importance of team dynamics on any expedition.


“Polymer Tragedy”

A former NASA astronaut and a polymer materials scientist discuss the glass transition phase in O-rings, which was a major contributor to the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

This is part of an MIT video series on chemistry designed to be used by chemistry teachers and students. The material is under strict copyright and cannot be used for any other purpose without the written permission of Boston Science Communications, Inc.


“The New Biology”

We’re proud to present new footage shot in China, Tokyo and around the world directed by Gino Del Guercio last summer for the John Rubin Productions, Inc. film, The New Biology.


Produced for Pacific Biosciences with John Rubin Productions


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