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Boston Science Communications, Inc.
is a video production company specializing in science, medicine and high technology. We make videos for companies, foundations, universities, the cable television industry and broadcast.

Since 1989 when the company was founded we have produced hundreds of films and won numerous awards, including an Emmy, AAAS Science documentary of the Year, CINE Golden Eagle, and the Chairman’s Prize from the International Science Film Festival.

Company president Gino Del Guercio began his career as national science correspondent at United Press International and in 1986 switched to producing television through a year-long production fellowship at WGBH TV. He worked on staff at WGBH for several years before founding BSC, Inc.

Filmmaker Gino Del Guercio established Boston Science Communications Inc. in 1989. For over 20 years now, Gino has trained a small staff and several interns at BSC. The team is committed to producing engaging science programming for audiences around the world. Working with freelance cameramen, editors and composers, the company has produced several award winning series and films on science, medicine and technology for various broadcasters, universities, foundations and corporations including PBS, Discovery Channel, WGBH and MIT among others.



Gino Del Guercio, President

Gino Del Guercio trained as a television producer at WGBH-TV and has 20 years experience producing and directing national award-winning science documentaries. Since 1989, he has directed the majority of BSC Inc.’s programs and series. He is also an adjunct professor of Journalism at Boston University’s College of Communications, and has over the years trained many young journalists in film making and editing. To Gino, documentary film making is “an exciting and challenging blend of journalism and Hollywood. It requires both the left and right side of your brain. On the one hand films have to be exciting and enjoyable to watch, on the other hand they have to be accurate and meet strict budget and time constraints. It’s also very much of a group effort with dozens of creative people. And when it works well the final product is always far more than the sum of its parts.” Gino’s work has won him an Emmy, a CINE Golden Eagle, an AAAS  Journalism Prize and many other awards.

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Danielle Myers, Associate Producer

Danielle Myers graduated from Tufts University with a degree in International Relations. Her interest in documentary film lead her to work as Associate Producer at Prehensile Productions, where she contributed to a variety of projects, including a film about an indigenous tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Passionate about wildlife and nature conservation, Danielle hopes to explore the power of film as a window for understanding and preserving the natural world.




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